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Under no circumstances should this product be copied. This is an independent production that depends entirely on sales to fund future productions. When you copy, you are destroying the livelihood of the brave people who sacrificed to make this work possible. When you copy, you are destroying socially conscious independent media. When you copy, you are destroying the funding for educational projects that we have set-up in the developing World. Support the work by buying it.

Halaqah Media is an independent production company that manufactures products exclusively from sales. Conscious independent companies are very rare and unpopular in the mainstream because they reflect "controversial" views and are immune to intellectual and political censorship. If you enjoy having an alternative perspective and if you want to preserve this kind of product line, please help us by

1. Buying the product

2. Not copying this product in any form and

3. Reporting people that violate our copyright. The price is reflective of the talent and production cost that have gone into making this product.

Please respect our wishes regardless of your personal view on copyright. It is very dishonest to believe in the nonexistence of copyright when you are unaffected by it and when you do not produce this work. Most people that violate copyright would be very defensive if someone threatened the means in which they sustain their families. Yet they are insensitive because copyright infringement does not affect them.


The dilemma faced when trying to supply a product made in the 'Western hemisphere' to a developing country is the price imbalance. We understand that western price makes our products out of reach of the average person in a developing World, but at the same time, we have to be attentive to the financial necessities of our intellectual trade. We are brainstorming to tackle this dilemma and look forward to your suggestions. If you have people in your community who have the means to bridge the gap and support a local version of our products, please let us know. Help us to help you.




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