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We have a policy of no-refund once an item has been purchased. Please check that you want to purchase the item before completing your purchase. Once you have purchased an item it will be processed and dispatched. Halaqah Online and PayPal are very vigilant about fraudulent reports about missing items and thus have certain measures in place to investigate all missing items. We appreciate your patience in this matter and ask that you respect and appreciate the limitations of the online/postal service we provide.


Halaqah Media is an independent production company that manufactures products such as this one exclusively from sales. Conscious independent companies are very rare and unpopular in the mainstream because they reflect "controversial" views and are immune to intellectual and political censorship. If you enjoy having an alternative perspective and if you want to preserve this kind of product line, please help us by:

1. Buying the product 2. Not copying this product in any form and 3. Reporting people that violate our copyright.

The price is reflective of the talent and production cost that have gone into making this product. New technological developments now mean that Illegal copies leave an unlicensed digital signature, which can be traced back to the source disc. Avoid illegal copies and avoid prosecution. Please respect our wishes and May God bless and reward you in your effort to make this world a better and more just place.
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