Two Decades of Media

Halaqah Films is a multi-national independent media group built on a socially responsible moral ethos. Halaqah challenges the centuries of media representation by bringing focus to stories of those who have been made voiceless through inequality.

Halaqah Films is dedicated to presenting vibrant, conscious, contemporary and educational media and services. Media that demands social change and promotes peace , morality and justice. The same multi-award standard applied to our products is also extended to our clients. Cutting edge graphic design, filming, post-production, studio composition, film scores, distribution, DVD authoring and product artist branding.

Economics is critical to the future of Halaqah’s mission. We believe in a sustainable mix-mode egalitarian industry where economics is used to serve the majority of the people. In this respect, Halaqah is dedicated to creating an economic web of sustainable intellectual and cultural wealth. In this respect Halaqah Films is self-sustaining through creating wealth on its intellectual property and thus supporting new products off of the success of our catalog. Halaqah Films does not accept donation, external funds. This has always been part of our independent ethos for creating works which is loyal only to the truth.

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